August 3, 2023

Best of the City 2023: Downtown

Lying in the heart of the city and surrounded by all of our other neighborhoods is Downtown. The Beverly Theater was named Best in The City in the Desert Companion's annual Best of issue.

via Nevada Public Radio | By Lorraine Blanco Moss, Sarah Bun, Shirley Cohen-Matthew, Anne Davis, Kristen DeSilva, Eric Duran-Valle, Jason Harris, Brent Holmes, Briana Joseph, Heidi Knapp Rinella, Heidi Kyser, Scott Lien, Mike Prevatt, Lissa Townsend Rodgers, Gabriela Rodriguez, and Paul Szydelko and Desert Companion

Best movie destination — The Beverly

When The Beverly Theater debuted at Sixth and Bonneville earlier this year, cinephiles and art enthusiasts rejoiced. As the new go-to spot for independent film screenings, the versatile structure is a sparkly sight to behold. The theater (with 146 seats on a platform that can be retracted to increase capacity to 500), Segue (jazz) terrace, and courtyard also host live music and literature events. This jewel, the vision of Beverly Rogers of The Rogers Foundation, frequently updates its calendar to give us all something special to anticipate each week.