December 11, 2023

Meet Harry and Sally at The Beverly: A Climactic NYE Date Night

The romantic comedy genre is a fun and popular match for New Year's Eve -- new year, new relationships. But more than most rom-coms, When Harry Met Sally shows off the immortal nature of love. The plot device of following the different couples over time showcases not just the constant evolution of love over time but also the passage of the years; from various times up until the present, couples meet, fall in love and marry and time goes on, no matter what.

The film's unique structure, following different couples over time, becomes a poignant commentary on the enduring nature of love, with New Year's Eve serving as a symbolic backdrop to this heartwarming odyssey

The Passage of Time

When Harry Met Sally captures the feeling of the passing of time and the New Year arrival using the film's structure and moving through the characters' lives over time. Many rom-coms might take place on New Year's Eve, but When Harry Met Sally began in 1977 before skipping to 1983 and then to 1988 and showcased the changes in the characters' lives from year to year over more than a decade. These changes and the passing of time in the characters' various lives help to show off why the film chose New Year's as its holiday of focus. It's a romantic comedy as much as it's about the ways people change throughout their lives.

New Year's Eve is a time for fun, wild parties and resolutions. It's also a time for remembering the past year, letting go of mistakes and celebrating the changes to come. It matches the rom-com genre well, naturally, as they tend to focus on new experiences in life and the arrival of a new love or relationship.

The Storytelling

One of the reasons that When Harry Met Sally… is so effective with its reflective nature are the interviews that Ephron conducted with real couples; these are staged like the sort of distant memories that lifelong partners would make at the end of each new year. The first couple interviewed mentions how their 50 year marriage began after a brief flirtatious encounter at a cafeteria; it’s not the individual goals or years that endure in their memory, but the first spark of attraction.

The Legacy

Ironically, the enduring appeal of New Year’s in Harry and Sally's minds is also key to the legacy of When Harry Met Sally… Even younger audiences who know the film purely by reputation can probably cite Crystal’s monologue from the New Year’s sequence, or the quotes about men and women being friends that are made at the 1987 party. Even if the film has attracted some backlash over the years, even its harshest critics can’t deny the emotional power of the New Year’s scenes.

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