July 6, 2022


The country’s newest theater will serve as independent film house, intentional concert scene, and thoughtful storytelling arena in DTLV.

As work progresses on The Beverly Theater in downtown Las Vegas, additional details about the pillars of programming at the new independent film house and performance theater are being revealed. The locally-forward cultural hub will offer programming in the genres of Lit, Live and Film.

Serving as conductor and curator for this myriad of arts and culture programming is Founding Creative Director Kip Kelly who recently revealed a few intriguing nuggets about The Rogers Foundation vision, the building’s design, and what’s to come for this new home of artistic and creative expression.

“The Beverly Theater was designed for maximum flexibility without compromising the integrity of each experience,” said Kelly. “The theater can give filmgoers an authentic film watching experience and within hours, also give fans a true theatrical presentation of their favorite band or performer. There’s additional area purposefully designed for intimate author and literary experiences. It's uncommon to have this much versatility in an arthouse theater.”

The Beverly Theater is FILM

Independent film lovers and cinephiles of all types will revel in a variety of first-run independent films, revivals/repertory, film festivals, video battles, shorts/docs, cinema dance parties, trivia nights, genre nights, celebrity presentations, socially conscience and impactful pop culture presentations and roundtable talks with film makers, cast and crew.  

Beverly Film will present first-run indies, revivals, fests, and mondo moods,” notes Kelly. “We want to give you a chance to revisit the classics with your friends and catch the opening of a great new film that isn't getting the screen time in Vegas it deserves. Live cinema and experiential moments will also inhabit our film program. But like the ending of a good film, you won't see it coming.”

The Beverly Theater is LIVE

With careful attention to acoustics and sound, The Beverly Theater will be a concert scene ideal for performances and productions with a purpose.

“Our live presentations will be unique and meaningful to the artist and our fans. Vegas musicians will be able to utilize our state-of-the-art tech to produce concerts in a unique way, while touring bands and other indie acts will finally have a stage that reaches the Las Vegas market and not just our visiting economy,” said Kelly. “We might do one a month, we might do 10 a month. The program will not be about filling a calendar, but rather filling the community with intentional live performances we think work for the theater and our mission.”

When it comes to live entertainment at The Beverly Theater, look for Beverly Live to offer concerts including tour stops, regional acts, and Vegas creators, dialed-in production shows, special engagements with featured performers, live film scoring and resident creator programs.

The Beverly Theater is LIT

The Beverly Theater is, above all, a storytelling arena. Working in tandem and harmonious partnership with independent bookstore, Writer’s Block, next door, The Beverly Theater will be the ultimate place for honest storytelling scenes.

“While intimate in size, we are boundless in ideas and idea-sharing. Beverly LIT is kinetically conscience,” explains Kelly.

Imagined by The Rogers Foundation and the brainchild of Beverly Rogers, the not-for-profit venue is perfectly situated next to the popular independent bookstore, The Writer’s Block at The Lucy. The Beverly Theater will further catalyze creativity and enhance the already burgeoning cultural scene in Las Vegas.