April 18, 2023

The Beverly is Listening: A Downtown Las Vegas Playlist and Live Showcase at The Beverly Theater

Delivering on its mission of filling the community with intentional LIVE, locally-forward performances, The Beverly Theater will present The Beverly is Listening: A Downtown Las Vegas Playlist and Live Showcase on Tuesday, May 16. Doors open at 7 p.m.

Started prior to opening as a playlist to highlight some of Vegas’ most disruptive unsigned music makers, The Beverly is Listening is now a live showcase where industry, talent, and superfans will collide and conspire. Tickets for the showcase are just $10 and can be purchased now online at www.thebeverlytheater.com.

The Beverly is Listening Showcase will run the gamut of musical styles and genres and feature original performances from five local artists including Shea, Maejoy, Dama Vicke, Cuddlethot, and Indigo Rose.

“There’s a slew of great venues in town but we’ve not had a consistent developing room or night for original Vegas artists in quite some time. We’d love to reignite that for the city’s next names in music,” said Founding Creative Director and CXO Kip Kelly. “Our goal at The Beverly Theater is to use our platform to lift independent voices into the mainstream. We hope this series will achieve that through artist collaboration and music industry attention.”


SHEA (@sheapancakes)⁠
⁠Shea combines synth-heavy production with soulful R&B for a groovy, new-age bounce. Her recently released "Seasons Volume 2" EP is as nostalgic as it is fresh. A timeless gem. In rotation: "Closure."⁠

MAEJOY (@maejoydotdot_)
If anyone can make you feel all the feels, it’s indie songstress Maejoy. Enchanting and emotive, songs like the recent single “Top Down” give you the high of a dreamy day trip. Just like that, she pulls you into yourself with songs like the 80s-inspired “Dark Side,” a song about overcoming depression with the gentle refrain: “I’ll show you the dark side and pray you’ll bring out all of my light.”

DAMA VICKE (@damavicke)⁠
⁠Born in Mexico City and raised in Miami, Dama Vicke conjures powerful and enchanting psych-rock. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, her hypnotic vocals never get lost in translation. In rotation: “Te Quiero Mal”

CUDDLETHOT (@cuddleth0t)
Rapper/singer Cuddlethot is what’s been missing in contemporary music — fun, playful hip-hop that doesn’t take itself too seriously a la early Pharcyde. And she’s just as nice with the vocals as she is with the bars, delivering breezy R&B earworms like “A Little More Lonely.”

INDIGO ROSE (@thatsindigorose)R&B singer Indigo Rose made us wait all year for new music, returning on the scene in recent months with a new, Bowie-inspired look and new single “Headcase.” A departure from the seductive net-soul of favorites “You Up?” and “Nightgown,” “Headcase” finds her dismissive and resolute over an uptempo groove.